Thinking About Opening a Hood Cleaning Business

I keep looking at the Denver Colorado area and possibly moving there.  A buddy of mine told me that a hood cleaning business might be a great thing for me to consider.  He happens to own a hood cleaning company now.

So, I’m looking hard at Denver for this business opportunity.  I figure that I can start by doing ride alongs with my friend in his business in Aurora CO to get to know the area, and then go ride along with my buddy who owns a hood cleaning company in Denver to see what the work is actually like.

At that point, I can figure out all the hood cleaner equipment that I would need to be successful. I can buy it all ahead of time and sit on it until the rest of my business is formatted up.

Why Denver?  Well, I like the area.  It’s pretty amazing and the high altitude suits me.  Also, the outdoor activities that are near by are awesome.  Probably the toughest part will be having to be in the town of the Broncos and John Elway.  Geez.  Us Niner fans can’t catcha break!

So now I’m off to start my hood cleaning adventure.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

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