Alex’s discussion on video games, but part 2

My sister Rebecca moved out when I was 8, and I inherited her Nintendo 64 and Super Nintendo. I didn’t realize what they’d be worth now, otherwise I wouldn’t have sold them when we moved to Reno. She had a bunch of classics like both Zelda games released for the N64, Goldeneye 64, and a few others. They would’ve been worth a few hundred if they had made it this far. I know a guy down in Playa Vista who would’ve bought them off of me recently. He’s a collector, and he has tons of money to spare because his dog daycare business is doing so well.The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time actually had a golden colored cartridge, which was super rare for games. Donkey Kong 64 just had a yellow one which looked weird and ugly.

Anyways, the next big console that I got was actually mine to share with Naomi, and it was a Wii. I was the only one with a TV, so it stayed in my room. She got the computer in her room which was pretty fair I guess. It wasn’t a gaming computer by any means. The first game I got for the Wii was Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, and she got some Club Penguin game which was basically just a bunch of minigames. This was in Reno, so it was most likely the Christmas of 2010. Next up is 2012. I had such good grades after starting homeschool that my parents decided to reward me by buying me something. I had been planning it all school year, and I told them that I wanted a PS3.

Unfortunately they failed to see the difference in buying a more expensive console, so they got me the cheaper Xbox 360. My cousin Gabe had an Xbox 360 though, so it was worth it in the end. The 360 will always be my favorite because of all the memories I have playing with him and growing up playing it. Unfortunately for me, it suffered from a system failure last October. It’s called the “Red Ring of Death”, and it’s when the power button on the console (which usually lights up green when you turn it on) turns completely red and the system shuts itself off. The red indicates a system failure, which is irreversible. Then I got my PS4.

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