The Top Three Affordable Restaurants in Jacksonville

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If there is one city that comes to mind when I think about eating a great meal, it’s Jacksonville. Florida has some pretty nice cities, but they’re either too densely populated or there is something else that prevents me from coming back. But as many times as I have been to Jacksonville, some of the restaurant owners have the impression that I live here. What is the point of having knowledge if I don’t share it, though? That’s the moral dilemma I have run into lately. So I decided to share my extensive knowledge of the food life in Jacksonville.

jacksonville restaurant 13 gypsies

I was going to make a list of the top three, but not everyone can afford to eat at places like them regularly. What is the point of having great food if nobody can eat it consistently, right? 13 Gypsies is up first on my list, and this was the first restaurant that came to mind. First, I thought Jacksonville. Then, I thought basque. 13 Gypsies is located near Five Points in Jacksonville. You would be hard pressed to find another restaurant nearby that gets everything right, but that’s not to say that the restaurants are bad.

Each one is just great in its own way. The only other Basque restaurants I have been to were all small mom and pop restaurants where they were only really known by the locals. It’s nice to some restaurant owners shedding light on a relatively unknown style of cuisine. Basque is definitely not for everyone, but I for one love to try new, different foods. Speaking of trying something new, have fun trying to get through the whole menu before they add something new for you to eat.

It is uncommon for me to see this much variety in a restaurant’s menu, so of course I have to commend it. Usually I will just ask one of the very friendly servers for a suggestion, because they’re all experienced enough to remember what a lot of the past customers have ordered that day. A lot of the positive online reviews that I read complimented the Roman Gnocchi, but if I had to pick a favorite then it would be the honey garlic hummus.

The portions are so nice that I’m stuffed whenever I eat it. Sometimes I don’t even want to ask the waiter for a suggestion, because I’m not sure I can make it past the appetizer stage. This just feeds into the affordability part though, as you should always be able to take some home for leftovers. Unless you were really really hungry or shared with someone, of course. Another thing that 13 Gypsies deserves a lot of praise for is the service.

Not just filling my glass all the time and interrupting me when I’m trying to talk, but going out of their way to make sure I have everything I want. Most people usually just say that they are fine, but it is still much appreciated that the wait staff still asks. After eating at these restaurants so many times, it’s hard for me to go back to eating at plain restaurants that don’t really care about service.

It is not uncommon for me to leave a tip whenever I eat at 13 Gypsies, because it is very obvious how much the servers care about the customers and how hard they work. You come to see a lot of the same people if you eat here regularly like me, which means that the food is consistent enough to keep repeat customers coming back. There is a reason that I eat here so often, and if you can’t see it from the review alone then try it for yourself. 

jacksonville fl italian restaurant

I ate at Moon River Pizza last night, so the taste is still fresh in my mouth. From my leftovers, at least. The portions here are also really nice, but I will get to that later. First, I have to talk about the location. Moon River Pizza is located between Avondale and Murray Hill in Jacksonville, so if you live nearby then it’s a win-win. Even if you don’t live nearby, the surrounding area isn’t too densely populated. One thing I hate about eating out in Miami is all of the crowds. It’s like being in New York City or something.

Again, the food at Moon River Pizza is both amazing and affordable. Don’t worry if you bring a picky eater along with you, because the Greek salads are SO good. Almost makes me consider becoming a vegetarian. When eating here with friends, it is not uncommon for us to all share a relatively small pizza, because of the aforementioned portions. You’ll see what I mean by “small”. I’m the person who likes to have olives, bell peppers, and anchovies on their pizza.

My friends can’t stand of those, so we are fortunate that the chefs are very accommodating. They will do a lot of things that you ask of them, and I am thankful for them. Otherwise I would only be able to eat plain cheese pizza. One time I tried to cook my own pizza, but it ended up disastrously. The kitchen was filled with smoke, and I don’t have a commercial kitchen hood to capture all the harmful stuff in my kitchen.

All restaurant owners know about this risk, and there is a Jacksonville hood cleaner not too far from any of these restaurants. It isn’t a huge town, after all. You can click on their website now if you’re a restaurant owner and you are interested.

Its address is I assure you, you will not regret getting your kitchen and hood cleaned. If you made it this far down the review, then you must have already eaten recently. Otherwise, why aren’t you eating here and leaving great reviews like me?

jacksonville restaurant vegan sushi

Sushiko Japanese Restaurant is a bonafide vegan restaurant, even if it is a sushi restaurant as well. Sushiko Japanese Restaurant is also found in Avondale in Jacksonville. There aren’t a lot of vegan restaurants that I see advertised in Jacksonville, so I’m glad that I know of a really good one instead of knowing a bunch of mediocre ones.

I have tried a lot of the different rolls, but each time I have difficulty deciding what exactly to order. Sushi fills you up fast, if you haven’t eaten it before.  Don’t worry, as I have also tried the vegan options. Even if you are a meat lover like me, the healthy choices are still a very viable option.

Out of all three restaurants, there is no way that I could pick a favorite. You could try to base your opinion off of how many great online reviews each restaurant has, but that would still be a very close race. It’s pretty lonely up here at the top, as one of the managers always tells me. We’re buds.

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