The Top Three Restaurants Located in the Bay Area

soul food in san francisco

Sometimes I forget just how big San Francisco is, whenever I visit. Fortunately for me I have family in town, so I just let them drive all over town and passenger. They’re big on trying new things, and those things usually just happen to be new restaurants. Since San Francisco is such a popular tourist destination, it only makes sense that the restaurants are constantly coming and going. There were three specifically that I remembered the most, because they were so good. Here are my reviews for them.

san francisco french food

If you have not yet had a chance to try out soul food, then now is definitely the time. Brenda’s French Soul Food is located in the Tenderloin neighborhood of downtown San Francisco. There are a lot of things that I love about this restaurant, but I will again condense it into three main sections. As I did with the restaurants themselves.

First and foremost, I would obviously have to talk about the quality of the food. Brenda’s French Soul Food has a very diverse menu, despite having a main focus on soul food. French food isn’t very common in San Francisco, which always surprises me. Even in a city this big, there should be a decent few French restaurants.

Since this is the only reliable place where I can find this style of cuisine, I always make sure to stop by whenever I’m in downtown San Francisco. With so many things on the menu that you can order, it is a bit overwhelming at times. I know it seems like I’m just gloating, but trust me. Once you’re there, you will see.

The two dishes that I see people order the most are the fried chicken eggs benedict and the shrimp & grits. I have ordered a lot of different dishes from the menu in the past, but it goes without saying that my favorite is the crawfish beignet. I thought that beignets were only for desserts, because I usually get mine filled with apples and it has ice cream on the side. Brenda’s French Soul Food opened my eyes to so many foods that I could never have imagined existed, and for that I am thankful.

That’s enough about the food, though. How exactly are you supposed to order or receive your food, anyways? That is where the service comes into play. As I mentioned earlier, it’s tough to decide what you should get when there are dozens of things that sound so appetizing. It would be nice if I could just order half plates of everything, that way I could try it all. Just means I’ll have to keep coming back until I find a dish that I can’t live without.

And that crawfish beignet is pretty high up there. Anyways, this is why I appreciate the service so much. Any server can fill up your glass whenever it is empty, and they should. That’s their job, after all. But when a server knows the whole menu like the back of their hand and knows the perfect suggestions to make, it means that they really care about their jobs.

No matter how many times I eat at Brenda’s French Soul Food, the waiter will always suggest something new for me to eat and I will always love it. It sounds like I live in San Francisco at this point, but I just spend lengthy periods here when I visit. If food was the only thing that I looked for in a city, then I would probably just move here. All of my friends and family have written tons of positive online reviews for each restaurant we go to.

san francisco prime rib

If the aesthetic of a restaurant is really important to you, then House of Prime Rib is definitely the place to go. The whole place literally looks like a castle, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the waiters wore tuxedos. I love how the interior is always bright and lively, but the volume level never gets too high either. If there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s a restaurant where everyone is super loud and I can’t hear. House of Prime Rib is found near Polk Street in San Francisco, which I think is a beautiful part of the city.

You can’t really take prime rib to go with you while you walk or sit down at a park bench, but you can always enjoy the scenery before or after eating your meal. The first thing that always comes to mind when I enter a restaurant that looks this good is price. Obviously there is going to be a massive upkeep, but if House of Prime Rib has one, the management doesn’t show it. All of your prime rib or anything else you order comes in great portions, so I usually take leftovers back with me. If it’s something that isn’t really messy, then I just eat it in the car during the ride back.

No matter what you order, it will never be too expensive to the point where you can’t consistently come back. That’s saying a lot, since eating out is pretty expensive to do on a daily basis. Going to need mucho dinero for that one. Again, a lot of people that I am close with have left amazing reviews online for House of Prime Rib. Not that they need any to bring people in. It’s a really popular place.

french food in san francisco
Gary Danko is also a very classy joint, but in different ways. Gary Danko is a French restaurant, but not specifically soul food. I’m told that it takes its name from a famous chef, but unless it was named after Gordon Ramsay there’s no way I would know who it is. This time around, you will be eating by Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. You what that means: seafood. It’s also right next to Alcatraz, so if you were planning on taking a trip to the island then this is a great spot for lunch and dinner.

In case you didn’t eat enough the first time you visited. There is one specific thing that I have noticed about Gary Danko, and I even mentioned this to the staff. The restaurant itself is very clean, with no noticeable detritus that should not be there. Sanitation is really important when you have a large volume of customers each day, because there are so many people moving around and leaving stuff behind.

Not a lot of people think about a restaurant’s kitchen, but that is one of the cleanest places you will find in a restaurant. Not just because of the danger from food poisoning, but there is an increased risk of fires if you don’t clean your kitchen’s exhaust hood. I don’t doubt that Gary Danko works closely with a Bay Area hood cleaning company.

I know Bay Area Hood Cleaning works with their fair share of restaurants in the city. Their website is, and if you want to check it out then nobody is stopping you. I think sanitation is one of the most important aspects of a restaurant, and it’s just one more thing to get your restaurant positive reviews.

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