The Top Three Restaurants Located in the Bay Area

soul food in san francisco

Sometimes I forget just how big San Francisco is, whenever I visit. Fortunately for me I have family in town, so I just let them drive all over town and passenger. They’re big on trying new things, and those things usually just happen to be new restaurants. Since San Francisco is such a popular tourist destination, it only makes sense that the restaurants are constantly coming and going. There were three specifically that I remembered the most, because they were so good. Here are my reviews for them.

san francisco french food

If you have not yet had a chance to try out soul food, then now is definitely the time. Brenda’s French Soul Food is located in the Tenderloin neighborhood of downtown San Francisco. There are a lot of things that I love about this restaurant, but I will again condense it into three main sections. As I did with the restaurants themselves.

First and foremost, I would obviously have to talk about the quality of the food. Brenda’s French Soul Food has a very diverse menu, despite having a main focus on soul food. French food isn’t very common in San Francisco, which always surprises me. Even in a city this big, there should be a decent few French restaurants.

Since this is the only reliable place where I can find this style of cuisine, I always make sure to stop by whenever I’m in downtown San Francisco. With so many things on the menu that you can order, it is a bit overwhelming at times. I know it seems like I’m just gloating, but trust me. Once you’re there, you will see.

The two dishes that I see people order the most are the fried chicken eggs benedict and the shrimp & grits. I have ordered a lot of different dishes from the menu in the past, but it goes without saying that my favorite is the crawfish beignet. I thought that beignets were only for desserts, because I usually get mine filled with apples and it has ice cream on the side. Brenda’s French Soul Food opened my eyes to so many foods that I could never have imagined existed, and for that I am thankful.

That’s enough about the food, though. How exactly are you supposed to order or receive your food, anyways? That is where the service comes into play. As I mentioned earlier, it’s tough to decide what you should get when there are dozens of things that sound so appetizing. It would be nice if I could just order half plates of everything, that way I could try it all. Just means I’ll have to keep coming back until I find a dish that I can’t live without.

And that crawfish beignet is pretty high up there. Anyways, this is why I appreciate the service so much. Any server can fill up your glass whenever it is empty, and they should. That’s their job, after all. But when a server knows the whole menu like the back of their hand and knows the perfect suggestions to make, it means that they really care about their jobs.

No matter how many times I eat at Brenda’s French Soul Food, the waiter will always suggest something new for me to eat and I will always love it. It sounds like I live in San Francisco at this point, but I just spend lengthy periods here when I visit. If food was the only thing that I looked for in a city, then I would probably just move here. All of my friends and family have written tons of positive online reviews for each restaurant we go to.

san francisco prime rib

If the aesthetic of a restaurant is really important to you, then House of Prime Rib is definitely the place to go. The whole place literally looks like a castle, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the waiters wore tuxedos. I love how the interior is always bright and lively, but the volume level never gets too high either. If there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s a restaurant where everyone is super loud and I can’t hear. House of Prime Rib is found near Polk Street in San Francisco, which I think is a beautiful part of the city.

You can’t really take prime rib to go with you while you walk or sit down at a park bench, but you can always enjoy the scenery before or after eating your meal. The first thing that always comes to mind when I enter a restaurant that looks this good is price. Obviously there is going to be a massive upkeep, but if House of Prime Rib has one, the management doesn’t show it. All of your prime rib or anything else you order comes in great portions, so I usually take leftovers back with me. If it’s something that isn’t really messy, then I just eat it in the car during the ride back.

No matter what you order, it will never be too expensive to the point where you can’t consistently come back. That’s saying a lot, since eating out is pretty expensive to do on a daily basis. Going to need mucho dinero for that one. Again, a lot of people that I am close with have left amazing reviews online for House of Prime Rib. Not that they need any to bring people in. It’s a really popular place.

french food in san francisco
Gary Danko is also a very classy joint, but in different ways. Gary Danko is a French restaurant, but not specifically soul food. I’m told that it takes its name from a famous chef, but unless it was named after Gordon Ramsay there’s no way I would know who it is. This time around, you will be eating by Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. You what that means: seafood. It’s also right next to Alcatraz, so if you were planning on taking a trip to the island then this is a great spot for lunch and dinner.

In case you didn’t eat enough the first time you visited. There is one specific thing that I have noticed about Gary Danko, and I even mentioned this to the staff. The restaurant itself is very clean, with no noticeable detritus that should not be there. Sanitation is really important when you have a large volume of customers each day, because there are so many people moving around and leaving stuff behind.

Not a lot of people think about a restaurant’s kitchen, but that is one of the cleanest places you will find in a restaurant. Not just because of the danger from food poisoning, but there is an increased risk of fires if you don’t clean your kitchen’s exhaust hood. I don’t doubt that Gary Danko works closely with a Bay Area hood cleaning company.

I know Bay Area Hood Cleaning works with their fair share of restaurants in the city. Their website is, and if you want to check it out then nobody is stopping you. I think sanitation is one of the most important aspects of a restaurant, and it’s just one more thing to get your restaurant positive reviews.

My Top Three Favorite New Las Vegas Restaurants

las vegas tapas restaurant

steakhouse in las vegas

If you have not yet been to Las Vegas and are looking for a great city for your next vacation, then you should really try it out. Not only are there plenty of casinos with a multitude of things to do (arcades, movies, live shows), but there are also a ton of amazing restaurants. I live on the outskirts of town, but I will always make a trip all the way to the strip for a great meal. The best part is, I don’t even have to go that far. Some of the best and affordable restaurants in Las Vegas aren’t even close to the casinos.

steakhouse restaurant las vegas

I am going to review Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steak first. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love a good steakhouse, so of course I would be no different. Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steak is found in the Mirage in Vegas. Most hotels and casinos in Las Vegas have super high-end restaurants where everything about them is great, but they just cost too much. I’m not an upper-class elite who can drop $50 on a gold-plated napkin.

Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steak does a lot things that I enjoy, but I’m going to condense each review into three main points. The three things that I love about this Las Vegas restaurant are the food, the atmosphere, and the service. If you read a lot of my reviews, you will come to learn that a lot of my favorite restaurants have these three things. Give or take one of them. First, there’s the food. This section will probably be the longest just because there is so much to talk about.

Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steak may be a steakhouse, but that doesn’t just limit the menu to only meat. That being said, some of my favorite dishes are the braised short ribs, truffle risotto, and the spicy onion rings. I typically tend to avoid onion rings anywhere I go, but these are legitimately good. Not once have I seen someone send their food back, and I have never had any major complaints with my food.

When eating at restaurants in the past, I have encountered small mistakes like the server forgetting yo bring my butter. Like I said, these are small issues. But it is better to have restaurant staff get everything right the first time. It shows how much they care about their job and customers. On top of this, the food is also very consistent in quality.

There is nothing more disappointing than going back to a restaurant you thought you liked only to be disappointed with the quality of the food the second time around. Food may be the whole point of eating at a restaurant, but it’s not the only reason you go. It will always show in a restaurant’s positive online reviews if they have a good atmosphere. Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steak has some nice lighting, so it’s not too dark inside. Nonetheless, the interior is still relatively dim.

I just like to think that it creates a romantic mood. If you’re like me, then the volume in a restaurant affects how much you enjoy your food. With classier establishments like Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steak, you know that the other customers are going to be very respectful.

After eating here at least 10 times, I still have yet to be disproven. Service can make or break a good restaurant, and in this instance it makes the restaurant. Helpful, friendly people around every corner are always waiting to assist you. When you add all of these things up, it makes for a great overall experience.

las vegas tapas restaurant

Therapy sounds like a place where you would go to stress eat with some of your favorite comfort food, but there’s nothing wrong with therapeutic food. It’s a great advertising technique, since the management is associating something positive with their restaurant. Therapy, I mean. Not stress eating.

Just be careful when googling this restaurant to make a reservation, otherwise you might end up finding chiropractic care instead. This time around, you will be eating in downtown Las Vegas. One thing that I really love about Therapy is the uniqueness of each dish.

Sure, you can play it safe and order a burger. I will confess, I do on occasion. But make sure you come back and order the oxtail empanadas or the Ricky Ricardo (slightly altered Cuban sandwich). Everyone inside of the restaurant is always happy and smiling, which is likely a result of the food. The service at Therapy is especially good compared to other Las Vegas restaurants, as I have never seen any of the staff show stress at all.

No matter how busy the restaurant is, everyone is smiling and making sure to tend to the customers. There have been one or two restaurants in the past where I could hear the chefs arguing, but that has never happened once at Therapy. Garnering a positive reputation and amazing reviews can prove to be difficult for some restaurants, but Therapy makes it look easy.

fish and chips las vegas
Last but not least, there is Firefly. Whenever I am in the mood for trying something new and different, I eat at Firefly. Found in in South Las Vegas, one thing that separates this restaurant from its Las Vegas competition is the vegan options. While the whole menu may not be vegan, it is nice that there are still choices for people who are unable to eat meat.

It would be tough to make the entire menu vegan anyways, because there are so many different things to order here. If there was one aspect about Firefly that matters the most, I would have to say that it is the location. I have a buddy who worked for a Las Vegas hood cleaner that operated nearby, and he has told me some horror stories from the nearby restaurants.

Las Vegas Hood Cleaning works with a lot of the restaurants located within the city, even casinos. Their website is, and the sooner you get there the sooner you can read about the industry. Personally, it fascinates me. Having a cleaner kitchen is just another thing to help your restaurant gain a more positive review base.

The Top Three Affordable Restaurants in Jacksonville

soul food in san francisco

jacksonville fl basque food

If there is one city that comes to mind when I think about eating a great meal, it’s Jacksonville. Florida has some pretty nice cities, but they’re either too densely populated or there is something else that prevents me from coming back. But as many times as I have been to Jacksonville, some of the restaurant owners have the impression that I live here. What is the point of having knowledge if I don’t share it, though? That’s the moral dilemma I have run into lately. So I decided to share my extensive knowledge of the food life in Jacksonville.

jacksonville restaurant 13 gypsies

I was going to make a list of the top three, but not everyone can afford to eat at places like them regularly. What is the point of having great food if nobody can eat it consistently, right? 13 Gypsies is up first on my list, and this was the first restaurant that came to mind. First, I thought Jacksonville. Then, I thought basque. 13 Gypsies is located near Five Points in Jacksonville. You would be hard pressed to find another restaurant nearby that gets everything right, but that’s not to say that the restaurants are bad.

Each one is just great in its own way. The only other Basque restaurants I have been to were all small mom and pop restaurants where they were only really known by the locals. It’s nice to some restaurant owners shedding light on a relatively unknown style of cuisine. Basque is definitely not for everyone, but I for one love to try new, different foods. Speaking of trying something new, have fun trying to get through the whole menu before they add something new for you to eat.

It is uncommon for me to see this much variety in a restaurant’s menu, so of course I have to commend it. Usually I will just ask one of the very friendly servers for a suggestion, because they’re all experienced enough to remember what a lot of the past customers have ordered that day. A lot of the positive online reviews that I read complimented the Roman Gnocchi, but if I had to pick a favorite then it would be the honey garlic hummus.

The portions are so nice that I’m stuffed whenever I eat it. Sometimes I don’t even want to ask the waiter for a suggestion, because I’m not sure I can make it past the appetizer stage. This just feeds into the affordability part though, as you should always be able to take some home for leftovers. Unless you were really really hungry or shared with someone, of course. Another thing that 13 Gypsies deserves a lot of praise for is the service.

Not just filling my glass all the time and interrupting me when I’m trying to talk, but going out of their way to make sure I have everything I want. Most people usually just say that they are fine, but it is still much appreciated that the wait staff still asks. After eating at these restaurants so many times, it’s hard for me to go back to eating at plain restaurants that don’t really care about service.

It is not uncommon for me to leave a tip whenever I eat at 13 Gypsies, because it is very obvious how much the servers care about the customers and how hard they work. You come to see a lot of the same people if you eat here regularly like me, which means that the food is consistent enough to keep repeat customers coming back. There is a reason that I eat here so often, and if you can’t see it from the review alone then try it for yourself. 

jacksonville fl italian restaurant

I ate at Moon River Pizza last night, so the taste is still fresh in my mouth. From my leftovers, at least. The portions here are also really nice, but I will get to that later. First, I have to talk about the location. Moon River Pizza is located between Avondale and Murray Hill in Jacksonville, so if you live nearby then it’s a win-win. Even if you don’t live nearby, the surrounding area isn’t too densely populated. One thing I hate about eating out in Miami is all of the crowds. It’s like being in New York City or something.

Again, the food at Moon River Pizza is both amazing and affordable. Don’t worry if you bring a picky eater along with you, because the Greek salads are SO good. Almost makes me consider becoming a vegetarian. When eating here with friends, it is not uncommon for us to all share a relatively small pizza, because of the aforementioned portions. You’ll see what I mean by “small”. I’m the person who likes to have olives, bell peppers, and anchovies on their pizza.

My friends can’t stand of those, so we are fortunate that the chefs are very accommodating. They will do a lot of things that you ask of them, and I am thankful for them. Otherwise I would only be able to eat plain cheese pizza. One time I tried to cook my own pizza, but it ended up disastrously. The kitchen was filled with smoke, and I don’t have a commercial kitchen hood to capture all the harmful stuff in my kitchen.

All restaurant owners know about this risk, and there is a Jacksonville hood cleaner not too far from any of these restaurants. It isn’t a huge town, after all. You can click on their website now if you’re a restaurant owner and you are interested.

Its address is I assure you, you will not regret getting your kitchen and hood cleaned. If you made it this far down the review, then you must have already eaten recently. Otherwise, why aren’t you eating here and leaving great reviews like me?

jacksonville restaurant vegan sushi

Sushiko Japanese Restaurant is a bonafide vegan restaurant, even if it is a sushi restaurant as well. Sushiko Japanese Restaurant is also found in Avondale in Jacksonville. There aren’t a lot of vegan restaurants that I see advertised in Jacksonville, so I’m glad that I know of a really good one instead of knowing a bunch of mediocre ones.

I have tried a lot of the different rolls, but each time I have difficulty deciding what exactly to order. Sushi fills you up fast, if you haven’t eaten it before.  Don’t worry, as I have also tried the vegan options. Even if you are a meat lover like me, the healthy choices are still a very viable option.

Out of all three restaurants, there is no way that I could pick a favorite. You could try to base your opinion off of how many great online reviews each restaurant has, but that would still be a very close race. It’s pretty lonely up here at the top, as one of the managers always tells me. We’re buds.

My New Favorites Roofers in Corpus Christi

roof repair corpus christi

roof repair corpus christi

Recently, my parents had one of the neighbors’ trees fall right through their roof. They were on vacation and out of town when that happened, so that’s just assuming what happened. Seeing as how they’re relatively old and senile, I took it upon myself to help them find roof repair in Corpus Christi. Knowing them, they would have just left it like that until someone said something or helped them.

Personally, I know nothing about each step of the process when repairing a roof. I mean, it’s also probably really dependent on the job as well. Nonetheless, it was much appreciated to have someone explaining what was happening each step of the way. There are far too many businesses that prey on people who don’t understand what it going on, and they get charged an hourly rate for workers who are slacking.

These roofers in Corpus Christi are very respectable and get the job done efficiently. It’s service like this that makes me want to continue investing in these small business owners. My parents are pretty senile, so any shady business people could likely take advantage of them. No shiny roof waxes for us. One of my sisters suggested Vertex Roofing to me, so word of mouth clearly works for advertising them.

From what I hear, these roofers in Corpus Christi also have a pretty great website. I’ll have to check it out sometime. Every business should have a few things in order to make it successful. My dad used to own a business of his own, and he would always point out when businesses were making mistakes. Poor customer support, using finances inefficiently, etc.

It only took a few minutes on the phone with these guys to understand that I was getting more than I bargained for. In a good way, of course. Service is the first and most important part, as I refuse to work with any business that doesn’t respect my wishes. After all, my parents can easily be taken advantage of.

roofing contractor corpus christi

Loyalty is important, because I have to be able to trust the roofers with my parents’ house. I’m not always going to be around to help them. One issue I had with my previous roofing contractor in Corpus Christi was that I could tell he was taking his sweet time to do work, since manual labor is usually charged with an hourly rate.

I told him it wasn’t gonna fly, but he still had many other positive aspects. Service is a real deal breaker, in my opinion. Vertex Roofing has some very efficient workers, and I actually enjoyed watching them work. Watching a roof get repaired could probably be used as an idiom of sorts, such as watching paint dry.

However, I found it fascinating how well all of the workers worked together. Nobody disagreed or argued, and it almost seemed like they could finish each other’s sentences. Maybe we have reached such an advanced age that manual laborers are actually human-like robots? Regardless, I appreciate that they took my time and money into consideration as well.

We’re all just regular people, and I’m sure they have all needed work on their houses at some point as well. After hearing all of these amazing things about roofing in Corpus Christi, you would expect their services to be very expensive, right?

You would be wrong, however. If you are looking for very affordable roof repair in Corpus Christi, do not hesitate to contact Vertex Roofing. At this point, it just seems like I’m advertising them. I won’t have to worry if one of the neighbor’s other trees topples and crushes the roof now, because we are in good hands. It’s almost like we have roof insurance now or something.

Visiting some old family friends

I hope you weren’t expecting some kind of crazy story where a big animal jumped out at us in a cabin and we all got scared. We haven’t actually visited them yet, but we’re having dinner with them tonight. Their names are Todd and Mary, and my parents have known them for pretty much my whole life. They used to work together in insurance, so that probably helped. When I was much younger, like 5 or 6, I used to go over and play games with their nephew McKy (pronounced MUH-KYE). He introduced me to one of my favorite vintage games ever, which is Star Wars: Battlefront 2. It was new then, but now it’s considered to be a relic.

One of the greatest, if not the greatest, PlayStation 2 games of all time. We’d also go into their backyard and play with his lightsabers sometimes. When I look back on it, I’m actually kind of surprised that I wasn’t super shy around him. I was insanely shy when I was a little kid, to the point where I would just hide behind my parents’ legs. They probably just ended up leaving me behind, which would likely have upset me. On the plus side, someone can only cry for so long.  McKy moved to Vegas to live with his dad, so I haven’t seen him for a while. It’s been over 10 years, I think. Last I heard, he was making a ton of money by selling short term rental permits with lots of success.We haven’t really hung out with them since I moved back, so after we go to see the new Blade Runner then we’re going to their house for dinner

. I think I already mentioned that. In other news, the new Blade Runner is supposed to be really good. I keep seeing all these reviews about how it’s one of the greatest sequels of all time, but I keep thinking it’s a reboot. Who releases a sequel 30 years later? I actually have the director’s cut of the original, so I’m going to watch it in the near future. Just seems kinda interesting to me to watch the original after seeing the modern day imagining of it. The trailers already got me super hyped up, too.

Thinking About Opening a Hood Cleaning Business

I keep looking at the Denver Colorado area and possibly moving there.  A buddy of mine told me that a hood cleaning business might be a great thing for me to consider.  He happens to own a hood cleaning company now.

So, I’m looking hard at Denver for this business opportunity.  I figure that I can start by doing ride alongs with my friend in his business in Aurora CO to get to know the area, and then go ride along with my buddy who owns a hood cleaning company in Denver to see what the work is actually like.

At that point, I can figure out all the hood cleaner equipment that I would need to be successful. I can buy it all ahead of time and sit on it until the rest of my business is formatted up.

Why Denver?  Well, I like the area.  It’s pretty amazing and the high altitude suits me.  Also, the outdoor activities that are near by are awesome.  Probably the toughest part will be having to be in the town of the Broncos and John Elway.  Geez.  Us Niner fans can’t catcha break!

So now I’m off to start my hood cleaning adventure.  I’ll let you know how it goes.